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We have sold our products much to the satisfaction of our customers in more than 10 countries worldwide


Our company was founded in 1995 and has been operating successfully for years.


different products

We stopped counting after reaching 1000. We are facing new challenges every day - The working dynamic is simply like that.


Each tool is unique in its own way. The interesting thing about this one-off production is that its main purpose is the rapid production of mass products. These tools are capable of performing the majority of manufacturing operations  including injection moulding, foundry moulding, stamping, deep drawing, forming ...


EDM (Electro Discharge Machining) is a modern processing method that has many applications. Because of its countless technical advantages, the method is starting to suppress conventional cutting techniques, especially in the tool-making industry and in the production of parts from hard materials that are harder to process.


Machine parts remain an integral and important part of modern industry, despite the enormous technological advances in the digital age. Therefore, it is still necessary to further develop the manufacturing process, as demands are getting larger with time.

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The project that became a product.

From the stage of producing stamping tools for the individual segments of the aluminum convector to a finished product, which even exceeded its conventional application.

Recently we decided to set a project in motion, which includes the production and sale of aluminum convectors on the market at home and abroad. Currently for sale is the basic model of the convec ...

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Time is valuable.

We place a high value on punctuality ourselves, so we try to comply with the agreed deadlines strictly.